The Haunted Files & Monologue Mission


“Built on Immigrants, Settled for Disaster”

By Elliot Babilonia (he/him)

Read by J.D. Mollison

“America, The (not so) Great”

By Nicaulis Mercedes (she/her)

Read by Kyla Garcia

“The Haunted Files”

By Judy Tate &

THE LATE Michael Slade

Directed by Melissa Maxwell


Producer & Sound Designer: Simone Barros

Videographer, Audio Engineer & Editor: Zachary Betonte ​

In 1904, a young black infant named Hazel is left on a doorstep. She is taken in by a family from whom she later runs away. Thus begins an odyssey of arrests, institutionalization, and medical intervention — all in an effort to cure her of “immorality.” Characters are real people from the files of the Eugenics Records Office in Cold Spring Harbor.


Post-Show Conversation: “Good Genes” and America’s Quest for Racial Purity with Jack Tchen (he/him) and Leora Fuller (she/her) the original curators of The Haunted Files exhibition.


Sourced from records in the Eugenics Records Office exhibit which Noa Fuller and Jack Tchen co-curated under the title “The Haunted Files”;

Judy Tate, co-founder of The American Slavery Project.

*The Haunted Files returns (2021) in a special premiere with a live talkback as part of

The Reverberation Plays.