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Black Women and the Ballot

Three Short Radio Plays

About rebellions large and small that Black women mounted for the right to vote.
"In the Parlour"
by Judy Tate

1913, on the eve of the historic Washington D.C. Women’s March for Votes, a Black sorority member of the newly formed Delta Sigma Theta Sorority stitches “walking skirts” for her fellow sorors to wear, when she learns that the march’s famous white organizer has other plans. It becomes a battle of wit  and will in this original imagining of a very true story.

"Pulling the Lever"
by Judy Tate

Election day and three generations of African-American women reflect on what having the vote means to them.


by Saviana Stanescu

2016, on election day, an undocumented immigrant housekeeper, burdened with endless chores, fantasizes about voting and tries to make sense of her entitled employers’ obsessions.

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