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Second Sight



By Judy Tate

Dir. by Melissa Maxwell

A brother and sister in rural Illinois reconnect after many years. With help from the Tarot and possibly extrasensory skills, they piece together a mystery from their past. The play asks is mental health care only for the wealthy and connected?


Post-Show Conversation: “Mental Health in the Rural Black Community” with Cynthia L. Tate, Ph.D. Psychologist & child advocate, Actress Messeret Stroman Wheeler (Mavis) & Actor Ryan Hope Travis (George) | Moderated by Judy Tate

The Acting!!!! The Visuals!!!! The Sound Effects!!!!

It was so layered with meaning and rich in ways we often don’t allow ourselves to contemplate!

I could close my eyes and feel as if I was ‘in the moment.’

I thought it was beautifully sad…

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