"History tends to record the words of the mighty; it’s often up to artists to imagine the thoughts and feelings of the powerless...  The American Slavery Project conjures the realities and the dreams of individual lives that had been lost to the ages." —Laurel Graeber, NY Times, 11/2/2017

Hear Messeret and Judy Tate in their radio interview about American Slavery Project’s 2019 Play Reading Series “ABC’s: African-Americans Bondage through Crow.” Click here to listen now. 


Fast Blood... profound and shattering

                              —Ross Haarstad, Ithaca Times

Radio Interview: 

The Gist of Freedom

Praise for Unheard Voices...

“That was a STUNNING show last night! You really pulled it off. Congratulations!!!!”

—Kia Corthron, Playwright

“I just wanted to say-  I LOVED the performance yesterday! It was monumental and familiar, and really exciting. Congratulations on the project”.

“There was so much about last evening that sets it apart and above anything I have ever seen.  You have started something that can take us all in a new direction in terms of understanding our history, our shared experience in this country and in our motherland…   This is the best I can do in expressing the inexpressible.  Congratulations and onward; I’m running along beside you with my support and deepest determination for greater success with this project and the direction it can move theatre/history/personal memory/healing/understanding”.

—Brenda L Thomas, Owner, The Garden Nanny

“Bravo!  And I don’t fling my “bravos” around lightly!

I wanted to say the evening was AMAZING!

I look forward to seeing how ASP continues to reshape and shape and grow.  It’s incredible.

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"Black Playwrights Look at Slavery In New Series"