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Throw Pitchfork


“Throw Pitchfork”

Written & Performed by Alexander Thomas

Dir. by Sara Lampert Hoover

  • (STAGE) Production Stage Manager: Jennifer Shilansky

  • (STAGE) Lighting Design: Tyler M. Perry

  • (STAGE) Sound Design & Original Music: Sergey Levitskiy

  • (STAGE) Costume Design/Props: Lisa Boquist

  • (virtual) Producer & Sound Designer: Simone Barros

  • (virtual) Audio Engineer & Editor: Zachary Betonte

The search for self-definition is passed on through four brothers as they struggle with the Jim Crow legacy of their father. Deep wounds left on his psyche are passed onto a generation of sons. Told with humor and pathos by one of those sons, this true story puts human faces on the fallout of America's original sin.


Post-Show Conversation: “The Legacies of Jim Crow and Black Family Dynamics” with Dr. Mikal Rasheed, Author of “Family Therapy with Ethnic Minorities”. | Moderated by Judy Tate

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