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Performances & Workshops for your Theatre, School or Institution!

American Slavery Project shows: Unheard Voices, Haunted Files, In the Parlour and Black Women and the Ballot can be booked for your institution.  We can tailor the performance to fit your venue and needs.  We also provide post-show conversations as well as educational workshops and residencies in which participants learn about the context of the play, and create their own work.  Appropriate for all ages.

For information and prices e-mail us at:

Performances Tailored to your Theatre or School

"Unheard Voices" is a monologue play with music based on the burials at the African Burial Ground in Lower Manhattan. We offer:

• The complete 75-80 minute version for theatrical venues.  

• A 45 minute Middle School version

• A one-hour High School version

"In the Parlour" a play in costume about Black Women and suffrage.

• 40 minutes. Fits within a typical school period w/time for discussion

"Black Women and the Ballot" 3 short plays and 2 conversations

• 90 minute show that includes "In the Parlour".   

• "The Haunted Files" a 20 minute duologue about Eugenics


Email us for Prices and Availability:


Click Here to Read, Download or Print our "Unheard Voices" Tri-Fold Brochure

Educational Workshops and Residencies


We provide single-event workshops for your educational institution or community center as well as residencies for high schools and colleges.  


At left, students participating in The American Slavery Project: High School Lab, choose individual burials from which to create their characters and write their monologues in a semester-long residency in which they create their own version of "Unheard Voices".  


Email us for more information:

Post-Show Conversations & Speakers


We can provide a post-show discussion after your performance, speakers for your panels or events.  


To the left: A post-show discussion after a performance of Unheard Voices at the

New-York Historical Society with (from L. to R.)  Judy Tate, Artistic Director of The American Slavery Project,  Gloria J. Browne Marshall, author of "Race, Law and American Society; 1607 - Present and Assoc. Prof. of Constitutional Law at John Jay College, and Melissa Maxwell, director of Unheard Voices.  


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